Who is Jon Nazario?


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, but living and enjoying the area of Waukesha, WI since 2003.  Coming from San Juan city to Wisconsin suburbs is quite a difference, and I don't recall snow in the island neither.  Regardless, I love the peace and quality of people who surrounds this place.


I consider myself an "average Joe" who has a desire, thinks about what is needed, and works his way to accomplish it.  Constantly I am looking for new things to learn and try.  My studies and career are in Software Engineering, but for hobbies I love home building and design, car mechanics, electronics, cooking, among other topics.

My believes are a blend of business and engineering:
"I am passionate about designing and developing solutions to complex problems. Focus in delivering results and building teams who understand the difference we can make. Always looking for the bright side of the problem and/or situations I am in."


Back in Puerto Rico I started my career early since high school by doing business work.  But my passion for computers made me get very involved in college and early opportunities as a developer for Procter&Gamble and Verizon.  Moving to Wisconsin I worked at In-Sink-Erator while doing my masters in computer science.  Once graduated I can say I my real career started.

As part of the RedPrarie family, I worked with many areas of the company.  Originally I started as part of the Service organization where I had the opportunity to aid with many projects and even handle some by my own.  The combination of geek but service oriented help me position myself in critical projects which required immediate attention.  I was able to help with design flaws, performance issues, bugs, or innovative solutions.

After some years of doing services high speed work, I needed something a little more calm.  This is when I started my career as part of the RedPrairie WM Product team and develop solutions which will be part of the core warehousing system.  I was fortunate enough to be in very interesting projects for the company which also cross boundary with products like: MOCA, TM, LENS, MTF, among others.

I gained lots of perspective about how core products are develop, service organization delivers them, and the real SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) actually works.  As my knowledge about products and business grew, my opinion about decisions and direction became stronger too.  At some point I felt the conflict of interests between business and engineering was driving me away, and I decided trying a more software architect type of role for my own.

Applus Technologies gave me the opportunity to test myself creating a product from scratch.  For them I develop a J2EE web service solution, assisted with their main .Net Framework client, and participated at important technical decisions for the company.  But my career was short there due to an exciting opportunity for coming back at RedPrairie and the supply chain world.

Did I say I am passionate?  :)

Currently I joined Ascension Logistics (ALx) consulting firm with Royce Dsouza and other ex-RedPrairie senior members from the Services organization for which I have lots of respect for.  As a team in ALx we focus in delivering the potential of DLx - RedPrairie and turning projects into real ROI (Return of Investments) solutions.  I am enjoying being close to the projects again, delivering real solutions, and not being lock to a particular technology stack.

It makes me feel like:
"You want it to happen?  We will make it happen!!"

Anything else, just ask.