Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amazon Echo - Alexa - Orange Ring - Disconnect WiFi

Amazon Echo is a great tool for our family!  Such a simple idea and well designed.  Hope for more voice functionality keeps getting added.

But life is not perfect.  I see many people complaining about "Alexa" disconnecting constantly. This was true even in my house WiFi configuration.  Every day after work I was having to re-connect the gadget to the network which was annoying

You will know this is your problem if you have an Orange ring:

Orange light spinning clockwiseAmazon Echo is connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

The solution:
Just assign a Static IP to Alexa - Amazon Echo in my router. The steps will vary based on your router but the idea is the same.  Find Alexa network MAC address and give it a permanent / static IP address in your router and don't use DHCP for giving it an automatic IP.